Priests Jailed For Anti-Homosexual Talk

It could come to that if Brazil’s Senate makes it law.
Homosexuals then will gain special privileges while biblical moralists will be arrested. The Christian moral base will be mugged, gagged and spat out on that particular subject.
Per, it’s so-called homophobia that is the country’s disease, not homosexually active persons who spread AIDS / HIV. That’s how crazy various societal blocks have become in this increasingly confusing age.
Though God via His divine revelation known as the Bible has spoken clearly against active homosexuality, yet there are those flying in the face of God with their ethical relativism. Their blasphemous evil endorsements are then to be made law for an entire country.
“Priests could face two to five years imprisonment for preaching against homosexuality. And a rector of a seminary who refuses admission to a homosexual student could face three to five years.
“Thursday, Brazil’s Senate declined to vote on the legislation. Instead, the senators decided to form a work group, which will organize public audiences to hear specialists on the subject.
“According to ZENIT sources, a number of citizens voiced opposition to the law, motivating in part the senators to form the study group.
“Specialists say the ‘homophobia law’ would essentially imply a legal frame for religious persecution.”
Canada has so frightened biblical believers that they dare not speak against homosexuality from a biblical database. While living in my Nova Scotia home, I noted one of the most popular evangelical telecasts daily. There was no reason why that telecast could not speak concerning homosexuality as a social and religious issue. That program does speak to other such issues. However, when it comes to homosexuality, nary a word. Not one word.
There is such fear among biblical moralists in Canada that they clam up. That is so across the entire nation — from coast to coast province to province.
If I, for instance, were to transfer my ordination papers from my present evangelical position into the United Church of Canada, I would not be permitted to preach biblical truth regarding homosexuality. Both the denomination’s political structure and the government would have me ousted within my first week in the pulpit.
Homosexuality reigns supremely in Canada.
It can get by with absolutely anything. That includes the spread of AIDS/ HIV via the daily support of the United Church of Canada and the Anglican Church. The only churches not engaged in endorsing the evil are the evangelical denominations such as the Assembly of God, Church of God, Pentecostal Church, Salvation Army, Advent Christian Church, United Baptist Church, Missionary Church, Church of the Nazarene, Wesleyan Church and independent congregations. Yet even in these evangelical congregations there is little discussion concerning the forbidden subject. It is quite frightening.
When I live in our Maine home, I feel the freedom permitted in the United States of America, that is, thus far. But when will the winds of change derail the moral sense in America? One never knows. That is why biblical moralists must be forever protective of their freedom of religious expression, particularly their biblical convictions.
“Debate continues over so-called homophobia legislation, which seeks to criminalize anything considered a condemnation of homosexuality, including priests who speak against the practice in homilies.
“One source told ZENIT: ‘In addition to the rights established in the constitution for all people, the homosexual, by the simple fact of being homosexual, would gain privileges.’
“Maria das Dores Dolly Guimarães, lawyer and president of the Paulist Federation of Movements in Defense of Life, explained: ‘Whoever dared to criticize such behavior would be treated as a delinquent.’”
So continues to fight for right.
from The Conservative Voice / Grant Swank

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