Gay Cops Told Not To Sway Hips

Gay Cops
MANILA – Philippine police were on the defensive on Friday after gay cops were warned they could be sacked for swinging their hips or engaging in flamboyant behaviour.
Chief superintendent Samuel Pagdilao said: “The Philippine national police does not have a policy that discriminates against gays and lesbians.
“In short, all its policies are issued for everybody regardless of sex or creed.”
But, he warned “being a uniformed service, there are rules of conduct that apply to everybody for which violations may result in administrative charges for conduct unbecoming.”
Earlier in the week Pagdilao said gays in the police could be fired if they “sway their hips while marching” or “engage in lustful conduct”.
Danton Remoto, of Ang Ladlad, a gay and lesbian group, said the remarks “deepened the stereotype of gay men”.
“His remarks will only force gay policemen back into the closet,” he said.
Pagdilao told reporters he had never heard of any Philippine policeman being gay anyway.
from News 24

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