Penis Mud Pack

Japan’s sex industry relies on innovation, so much so, that a company has come up with a penis mud pack, which has been adapted from the facial, according to a Japanese magazine.
The service is part of an Italian-style treatment, which involves a soothing wine bath for the testicles being followed by the mud pack, and it’s offered by a Tokyo-based service called The Aromani.
“A whole lot of operations similar to ours sprung up in a short time and we needed to provide a service nobody else was offering, and this was it,” The Aromani boss told Spa!
Authorities in Japan have cracked down on the sex trade in recent years, which has prompted operators to create an innovative set of new law-abiding services that are aimed at providing pleasure.
The boss revealed: ‘Our sales point is that we also offer variations, including having the service performed by multiple workers (groups of two or three women), or you can have it performed by a shy woman or another who’ll do it while talking dirty.’
For the service, a sink is filled warm water and wine as these will supposedly improve circulation.
Instead of the customer putting his face into the basin, he needs to sit in the sink, allowing his penis and bum to soak.
The washing is performed by at least one woman, who’s in her 20s, or 30s at the oldest.
Once the sink soak is complete, the genitals are covered with mud and massaged, which is supposed to cleanse the skin.
from Metro

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