The Christian Gay Haters are Still At It

There’s a battle going on to win the nation’s kids to homosexuality, and James Hartline has stepped into the frontlines to protect them in the name of Christ.
For 33 years, the San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Organization has made it difficult for local parents to shield their children from its influence, especially during its annual celebrations.
Little do many realize how aggressively homosexual communities pursue and recruit youth to accept and adopt their lifestyle.
Along the parade route
Just what would one see while attending San Diego’s Gay Pride Event?
Hartline, who marched in the LGBT Pride Parade nine years ago before coming to Christ and leaving his homosexual lifestyle of 30 years, gives us a candid, first-hand look.
Panning across the summer festival, one would see pornographers, transvestites, male strippers, female flashers and scantily clad adults imitating homosexual acts as part of the public display.
The entire event is rife with derogatory visuals aimed at perverting young and innocent minds.
Last year, Hartline witnessed a man wearing a thong while pedaling the LGBT Pride Parade route on a bicycle and handing out candy to children.
This year, one can expect to see San Diego Cooperative Charter, a public kindergarten through 8th-grade school, marching its students in the parade under its banner in a repeat performance.
Hartline is dedicated to putting an end to the K-8 students’ participation. He brought their involvement into the public eye after witnessing children as young as six years old being exposed to the obscene atmosphere of the parade last year. Children participated while handing out pencils donning the school’s Web address.
What you won’t see in this year’s festivities are Poway High School’s “Lancer’s Dancers.” Protests kept them from performing in the parade after the school’s participation had already been arranged.
Children beware
Even more disturbing, the San Diego LGBT Pride Organization hired a registered pedophile, Marty the Clown, to entertain youngsters in the children’s garden at the event.
“At least four other registered sex offenders were hired to fill salaried and voluntary supervisory positions for the festivities,” Hartline said.
Hartline was instrumental in exposing the criminal history of two sex offenders who volunteered in LGBT Pride events.
Selling immorality
Licentious influences abound throughout the San Diego annual gay event, which openly invites children.
Little discretion was shown by event organizers, as an 11-year-old girl was seen leaving the festivities with a bag filled with condoms and sexual lubricants.
Hartline explained that the event provides an open market for gay porn companies, sex toy manufacturers, triple-x gay pornography and male escort services.
Ironically, the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade is promoted as a family-friendly festival. Yet its organizers announced that this year’s event will carry even more pornographic material than previous years.
GayGovernment support
Not only does the San Diego Gay Pride event take place on public land funded by taxpayers, but the mayor, city attorney, politicians and police departments participate in the parade.
Governor Schwartzenegger also endorses this immoral event, as stated in his letter to the San Diego LGBT Pride Organization.
“The last few years have seen a significant shift in society’s views toward the LGBT community… Icy intolerance is slowly melting away…, ” he said. “My thanks to each and every one of you who work to promote the respect of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation… I reaffirm my commitment to join you in building a better California where everybody matters and every family counts. On behalf of all Californians, please accept my best wishes for a memorable event and every continued success.”
The gay agenda is supported by the government both directly and indirectly.
Hartline notes that a key player in the LGBT Pride Parade, San Diego’s Gay and Lesbian Center office, which was set up to fight for gay and lesbian marriage, received $2 million in government funds for HIV relief. Yet the money was refinanced and used to build an apartment for its youth center.
“Influential ACLU members belong to the SDGL center,” said Hartline.
Youths, classified as a group of 14- to 24-year olds, come together under one roof at the SDGL Youth Center, which Hartline notes as being “utilized as a contact point for Gay-Straight Alliance high schoolers.” The GSA is a conglomeration of teacher-sponsored clubs held in an increasing number of public high schools and middle schools.
More than just a hangout, the youth center “organized an alternative prom for 300 kids,” Hartline said. It also supplies bowls of condoms and porn magazines on its premises, and tells kids that if they question their sexuality, they must be homosexual.
Infiltrating the schools
Being a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance or a comparable program is one of the requirements of the San Diego LGBT Pride Youth Internship program. The internship is available for high school seniors who would be responsible for recruiting other teens to join in its festivities.
“Many GSAs are started by students who were recruited to attend ‘Camp Mini Town’ two-week camps, where they were made to feel uncomfortable if they didn’t accept sexual diversity,” Hartline says. “A vast majority of camp attendees start up GSAs at their schools, where they distribute literature and applications to their peers.”
Students are organizing “Day of Truth” events to counter Gay-Straight Alliance activities among their peers.
Suggested curricula for public schools’ liberal sex education programs call for teachers to discuss homosexual practices and lifestyles in a favorable light, and to even invite adult gay and lesbian couples from the Gay Alliance into their classrooms to share what a “wholesome” homosexual relationship is all about.
The battle continues
Few understand the dangers of the strong homosexual influence on youth better than Hartline, who still lives in Hillcrest, the heart of San Diego’s gay community.
After contracting HIV nearly 10 years ago, Hartline turned his life over to Christ and became “His ambassador” to fight the gay agenda. He spent many of his 30 years as a homosexual behind bars, and his self-destructive behavior and drug habit landed him in prison mental hospitals for 15 years.
To win the war, he gives educational tours through the Hillcrest community to show concerned adults what this nation’s youth are up against, and what they can do about it.
Hartline leads the “Not on My Watch” team as they speak up against the gay agenda for three minutes every month at televised San Diego city council meetings.
Eight porn stores in his neighborhood, including one directly across the street from an elementary school, were shut down as a result of his ministry.
Join the good fight
Persecution from the gay community is an everyday reality for Hartline, yet heartfelt prayers continue to be his shield. His San Diego ministry welcomes supporters to help combat the gay agenda.
Find out more on how you can help protect youth from succumbing to the homosexual agenda by clicking on
To keep younger generations from being exposed to the rampant immorality within the community, Hartline is also working to set up a prayer center in Hillcrest, which would focus on removing the influences that lure children into perversion and spiritual darkness.
To see how you and your church can get involved in your local community to protect children from proliferating gay influences, click on the Exodus International link at
from The Christian Broadcasting Network

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