Pink Clothes Won’t Make Male Babies Gay

Gay Baby
Dear Abby:
My daughter recently had a boy.
Mother and baby are fine, but the sonogram during pregnancy showed a girl, according to the doctor. So our grandson has a slew of pink blankets, jammies and clothes. I say: no big deal.
My wife says it is a big deal. She?s worried the color will give the wrong message to people, who will then treat our grandson like a girl in a way they won?t even be aware of. She worries that this will make him a cross-dresser when he?s grown up and make him gay.
Our daughter and son-inlaw are in a quandary, too, over the pink clothes. What do you think?
Jack’s Grandpa
in Guerneville, Calif.

Dear Grandpa:
As long as the baby gifts haven’t been used, there should be no problem exchanging them for items in the “right” color.
Please tell your wife, however, that her fears are groundless. Even if her grandson decides to become a crossdresser later in life ? which is not related to what color clothes a man wore as a baby ? it won?t make him gay. The majority of cross-dressers are heterosexual.
from The Columbus Dispatch

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