Do I Take My Gay Son Out Of The Closet?

Q I am sure my son is gay but I don’t know how to tackle this with him.
My husband doesn’t know and I am at my wit’s end about where I go from here. Do I speak to my husband first or my son?
I don’t know if he is ready to come out so will I make matters worse if I pressurise him to tell me? I am also very concerned about the way people will treat my son when they find out.
I want him to be happy and safe as well as to let him know we will always love him. I feel my head is going to explode with the worry.

A I wouldn’t go dragging your son out of his closet. Some people are perfectly happy staying in one until they’re good and ready to leave.
For a few that moment never comes. But it must be your son’s decision. So hard though it may be, I’d not raise the subject of his sexuality unless he gives you an indication that he wants to.
What matters is that you love your son. I’m sure your husband does as well. So long as your son has got that message loud and clear, things will eventually work themselves out.
As for how other people will treat him, while there is still some prejudice against gays, it’s nothing like as prevalent as it once was.
from The Daily Record

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