Dodd Asks: What if Your Child Were Gay?

Chris Dodd
Democratic presidential hopeful Chris Dodd told high school students Wednesday that people debating gay marriage should ask themselves just one question: What would you do if your child were gay? Dodd said anyone who would deny a gay child the right to be happy isn’t being honest.
“We ought to be able to have these loving relationships,” the Connecticut senator said.
Dodd, the father of 2-year-old and 5-year-old girls, said his daughters could grow up to be lesbians and that he hopes they would have the opportunity to enjoy marriage-like rights.
“They may grow up as a different sexual orientation than their parents,” he said. “How would I want my child to be treated if they were of a different sexual orientation?”
Dodd, who opposed a constitutional amendment to limit marriage to man-woman unions, said he supports civil unions but not gay marriage. Asked after his address at Concord High School what he sees as the difference, he said: “I don’t think probably much in people’s minds. If you’re allowing that, all the protections you have there, you’ve covered it.”
As Dodd spoke, lawmakers were debating a civil unions bill a mile away at the statehouse. The bill passed easily, moving on to the Senate.
Later, during an appearance at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester, Dodd told young voters that they shouldn’t accept pundits’ predictions that the Democratic field is limited to the three top-polling candidates.
Dodd, polling at under 5 percent in new numbers released this week, said New Hampshire voters should embrace his campaign for its ideas.
from The Associated Press

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