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Ewan McGregor Can’t Get Penis Animated For Film

January 3, 2007

Ewan McGregorEwan McGregor wanted to have an animated penis in his latest film.
The ‘Moulin Rouge’ actor stars as the love interest in his new movie ‘Miss Potter’ – which focuses on the life of famous children’s author Beatrix Potter, portrayed by RenĂ©e Zellweger – and admits he was desperate to show off his manhood in any shape or form.
Ewan, who has appeared naked in several of his films, said: “I did try to get it in the film. They said, ‘Its nice Ewan, but we don’t think it quite works with this movie.’
“They tried animating it: putting Peter Rabbit’s face on it and making it speak to Beatrix, but they didn’t think it was tasteful enough in the end.”
Ewan is currently on location in New York filming a new movie and is planning to have cyber sex with his wife, Clara, via a webcam so he doesn’t get lonely.
The Scottish actor – who has two biological daughters with his wife and a third adopted daughter he met in Mongolia while touring the country on his motorbike – revealed: “You have to be selfish because of the unsociable hours and intensity of the work. Your kids aren’t there and your wife isn’t there.
“This time we have sorted out some video conferencing, having dinner together with your laptops either side of the Atlantic. Nice idea. The sexual possibilities are endless.”
from The Post Chronicle

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