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Right-Wing Poster Boy Exposed — Literally

March 9, 2007

Matt Sanchez
For Marine Reservist Matt Sanchez to dismiss the fuss over his gay porno star past as “just another blip on the blogosphere” shows how clueless he is about why so many people are upset about his association with the right-wing movement that wants to crush any gains queers have made in the past 50 years.
For those who came in late, Sanchez is a former gay porn star named Rod Majors. In addition to making a string of x-rated films, he also supposedly sold his body for $200 bucks a pop. Since giving up the sex industry, Sanchez has been busy doing God and George Bush’s work as a military recruiter at Columbia University in New York.
The reincarnated Sanchez is paying his dues for his new life of virtue. He’s being hounded by anti-war “Socialists” who have dubbed him a “baby killer.” Or so he claims.
That’s how he ended up winning an award at the recent Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference in Washington, D.C. The same gathering where columnist Ann Coulter made her now infamous faggot slur against Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards. In fact, Sanchez happily posed for a pic with the obnoxious Coulter who frequently uses the f-word, even once dubbing former Vice President Al Gore “a total fag.”
In a March 7 statement released after pics from his former life started popping up on gay blogs, Sanchez was mum about whether he’s still queer. Amazing how finding god, apple pie and flag can do that to someone. Not to mention the threat of the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.
He told MSNBC that he was always “bad at being gay.” Not from the looks of some of the films he made. Maybe he was just a good actor.
To top it all off, Sanchez is writing a book. Shades of Jeff Gannon, another gay porn star who saw the light and became a born-again White House correspondent with special access. Allegedly, it wasn’t his journalistic skills that gained him entry into press conferences, but rather his willingness to plant info for Bush and his buddies. He’s penning his autobiography, too. Has the publishing industry sunk that low? Obviously, that’s a rhetorical question.
What irks me about the reborn Sanchez is that he either doesn’t realize who he’s hobnobbing with these days or he just doesn’t give a damn. Sanchez is recruiting for a military that discriminates against queers, not to mention sends young people off to murder innocent civilians in other countries. He’s buddy-buddies with conservatives who are doing everything in their power to turn the clock back to the 50s when queers were forced to hide behind closet doors. In fact, many of those who were in the room cheering him on when he received his award from CPAC would gladly legislate the death penalty for queers.
In his statement after the scandal broke, Sanchez did not address queer concerns at all. He merely said that he doesn’t agree with everything that Coulter writes. Without specifics, that means nothing. Does he disagree with her views on queer rights or some other issue? To my knowledge, he’s never disassociated himself from the homo-hating ideology of the right-wing crowd that has made him their poster boy.
That leaves him guilty by association.
from Beyond Chron / Tommi Avicolli