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February 25, 2011

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Reichen’s New Boyfriend?

April 14, 2007

Reichen Lehmkuhl
Reichen Lehmkuhl was spotted at the “Redline” premiere in Los Angeles last night and with a new hunky leather-jacketed man attached to his arm. The fresh dude engaged the *UNSYNCED Reichen in a little public display of affection.
from TMZ

Randy Blue

A Gay Fashion-Minded Blogger

April 10, 2007

William Sledd isn’t your average YouTube star. His posts are funny, but he’s not an aspiring comedian. He’s not a stripper, although he has put up video of himself dancing in American Apparel underwear. And he’s not an editing nerd, re-cutting scary movies into slapstick comedies. He’s a gay 23-year-old manager at the Gap in Paducah, Ky., and he is YouTube’s resident fashion advisor.
His video blog, “Ask a Gay Man: Fashion Edition,” has become the fourth-most subscribed-to blog on YouTube.
“I mean, pretty much ever since I was growing up I was interested in fashion,” Sledd said by telephone from his home. “And it’s not like designer couture that I’m obsessed with. It’s more about people dressing correctly. It just really bothers me when people look like crap.”
He invites viewers to e-mail him fashion questions like “What colors can I wear with black if I have fair skin?” and “How do I tell my friend to stop wearing overalls?”
Sledd has a baby face and a stylish sideswept haircut (he once filmed himself getting highlights). His style leans toward preppy, and he’s not afraid to rock a pink dress shirt or polo shirt on occasion. In his almost weekly posts he instructs his 45,000 subscribers and millions of viewers on the perils of high-waisted mom jeans and carpenter pants for men who aren’t carpenters and the glory of Chanel black nail polish and V-neck sweaters for guys. He loathes Crocs (those clunky plastic clogs that come in neon colors) and loved houndstooth for last fall. He’s anti-leggings (unless you somehow have the fashion smarts to pull them off) and pro-man bag.
Sledd started video blogging six months ago after watching a lonelygirl15 video.
“I saw hers and I was like, ‘I could so do that,’ ” he said. It also helped that he had recently purchased an iMac with a video camera built in. “That iMac changed my life.”
Since September, Sledd has posted 34 videos to YouTube, gradually picking up subscribers. He became an official YouTube celebrity in November when the site featured his eighth video on its homepage. That installment, “Ask a Gay Man: Denim Edition,” has been watched more than 2 million times and quickly pushed Sledd’s subscribers into the tens of thousands.
Like the “Queer Eye” guys or Jay Manuel from “America’s Next Top Model,” Sledd’s persona is playfully catty and a little bossy. And like all great YouTubers, his videos seem off the cuff, but they actually require thought and work. The “Denim Edition” video is just 4 1/2 minutes long, but it took Sledd four hours to shoot and edit it.
“I try to spend a lot of time editing,” he said. “Now with all the subscribers it’s a lot of pressure, but I try to make good videos. I look at it as something for the greater good.”
Now Sledd is preparing to move from Internet superstardom to the real thing. He’s already met with people from the recently “Queer Eye”-less Bravo a few times and has more meetings planned.
“It was totally nuts,” he said. “Now I’m sitting in meetings with the vice president of Bravo while everybody talks about me in third person. They have a lot of great ideas, but everything is still in development, and it’s hard to know what the final product will be.”
Sledd doesn’t have an agent but has signed a contract with NBC.
“There is a ton of interest for him,” a spokesperson for the company said. “We receive a lot of publicity calls, and a lot of people want to talk to him. He’s really sparked a lot of interest nationally.”
In the meantime, “Ask a Gay Man: Fashion Edition” was recently nominated for best series in the first YouTube awards. It lost to the comedy series “Ask a Ninja,” but before the results were in Sledd made a video critiquing his fellow nominees’ style.
“Simple question: What’s up with all the black?” asked Sledd, while reviewing “Ask A Ninja’s” wardrobe. “It’s so drab. If I was a ninja…. ” The clip jump-cut to Sledd with a pink sheet over his head.
“I don’t think there are enough pink ninjas in the world,” he said.
from The Los Angeles Times

Ex-Lesbian Against Gay Adoption

March 26, 2007

ATLANTA – Sara Wheeler’s life has become a contradiction.
Once a proud lesbian, she’s now a pariah in the gay community.
Once in a committed relationship with a female partner, she’s rethinking her sexuality.
And now she’s doing something she once would have considered unthinkable – arguing that gays don’t have the legal right to adopt children.
Wheeler is coming to grips with the fact that she’s become an outcast for taking this step in a custody fight for her child. But she says that isn’t what her fight is about: “It’s about motherly rights.”
Wheeler, 36, and her partner, Missy, decided to start a family together and share the Wheeler last name. In 2000, Sara Wheeler gave birth to a son, Gavin, through artificial insemination. Two years later, they decided Missy Wheeler should adopt the child and legally become his second parent.
Georgia law doesn’t specifically say whether gay parents can adopt a child, so the decision was up to a judge in the Atlanta area’s DeKalb County. After an adoption investigator determined that both partners wanted it, the judge cleared the request.
The couple’s relationship later soured. Missy Wheeler wouldn’t comment for this story, but her attorney, Nora Bushfield, said Sara became involved with someone else and wouldn’t let Missy and Gavin see each other.
Sara Wheeler acknowledged the other relationship, saying “regardless of my action, it doesn’t make me a bad mother.”
Sara and Missy Wheeler had split by July 2004, and Missy was fighting for joint custody of the boy.
The two sides do agree about one thing: The case is about a mother’s rights.
“Everybody seems to forget we’re not talking about lesbian rights,” Missy Wheeler’s attorney says. “We’re talking about a child who’s been bonded with a mother.”
Sara Wheeler made the legal argument that, since nothing in Georgia law specifically allowed gay adoption, the adoption should be tossed out.
Her first lawyers warned her the case could set gay rights back a century.
She hired a new attorney and asked the DeKalb County court to toss the adoption that she had previously pushed for, claiming it should never have been approved because it runs afoul of state law.
News of the tactic whipped up Atlanta’s gay community, one of the largest in the South. Lambda Legal, a gay rights group, made a legal filing with the Georgia Supreme Court supporting Missy Wheeler. “There’s something about this case that’s just tragic,” said Greg Nevins, a lawyer for the group.
Laura Douglas-Brown, editor of Southern Voice, the city’s main gay newspaper, penned a column accusing Sara Wheeler of “self-hating.”
“We owe it to each other not to lash out in ways that damage the entire gay community,” she wrote. “Your own family may be destroyed, but don’t destroy ours, too.”
Sara said she felt like she had no choice.
“I’m not doing anything else a mother wouldn’t do to fight for her son,” she said. “Some people may think it’s the unthinkable, but if they were put in my shoes, they’d do the same thing.”
It didn’t go so well. Her lawsuit seeking to throw out the adoption was rejected by the DeKalb County judge and then the state Court of Appeals.
Then the Georgia Supreme Court, in a 4-3 vote in February, declined to hear the case. Only months earlier the court had upheld the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage, which Georgia voters overwhelmingly approved in 2004.
Justice George H. Carley, who voted with the minority in the gay adoption case, declared he was “at a loss to comprehend” why the court refused to consider a case of such “great concern, gravity and public importance.”
Sara Wheeler is asking the state Supreme Court to reconsider her case. Such a request rarely succeeds, but the narrow vote gives her hope that one justice might be swayed.
“There’s nothing that states this is an acceptable adoption,” she said. “If Georgia wants to allow it, it needs to make proper laws.”
As the legal motions flew back and forth, the two women established a workable routine. The 7-year-old boy goes to Missy Wheeler’s place every other weekend and on Tuesday nights. The rest of the time Sara Wheeler ferries him to karate practice, plays tag with him outside her apartment and takes him out for pizza every Friday.
The case has taken a toll on Sara.
Aside from a few gay friends, she has turned away from the gay community. She no longer dates, and doesn’t go to gay clubs or events any more. She said she is rethinking whether she is still a lesbian or whether she should abandon dating for good.
“I just don’t feel comfortable in that scene,” she says. “I’m just trying to figure it all out.”
She knows she’s seen as a betrayer; but in a sense, she feels she was the one betrayed.
“Before I’m anything – gay or lesbian – I’m a mother,” she says. “And the most important thing is to make sure my son has a relationship with his biological mother.”
from The Associated Press


March 25, 2007



Randy Blue

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…Every step
toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle;
the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Sa Grace Award d’ Excellence

February 25, 2007

The winners for The 5th Annual Sa Grace Award d’ Excellence 2007 have been anounced.
GaribaldiGay has won in the catagory for Best Gay Information Website.
Thanks to GC Spotlight Magazine and to all of you out there that voted for this site.
The following is the complete list of winners.

Sa Grace Award d' Excellence

International Award Of Merit

Argentine Men

Come Into My World

Sa Grace Award d’Excellence
(Best blog in the blogosphere)


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Sexy Crack Video

February 21, 2007

Randy Blue

Tim Hardaway Nude Locker Room Video

February 18, 2007

Straight Guy On Gay Hockey Team

January 7, 2007

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Just One Look… #16

November 14, 2006

Just One Look

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